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Competition regulations


The organizer of the City Run Basel is the Laufsport-Verein Basel (LSVB).

Start numbers/timekeeping

Start numbers will be sent to participants by post. Any start numbers not sent by post will have to be picked up from the late registration point on the day of the race. The start number should be clearly visible on the runner’s shirt, and should not be folded. Timekeeping is effected via a transponder. A pre-encoded transponder is attached to each start number. There is no need to return the transponder after the event. Personal chips may not be used! The start is triggered in real time. In other words, timekeeping for each participant’s run only begins when the participant crosses the start line. Participants must cross the start line within 60 seconds of the starting gun being fired for the corresponding category. If block starts are required, participants will have to start in the sector assigned to them by the event organizer.


The event will be implemented on the basis of the categories listed in the programme. There is no time limit. For the elite races, participation is by invitation only. Participants must follow the instructions of the course stewards. The private accompaniment of runners by bicycles or similar is not permitted. In-line skates, scooters, prams, exercising strollers, and other such aids are not permitted. Disqualifications will be decided by the technical management team of the Organizing Committee.


Runners take part in the City Run Basel at their own risk and responsibility. The organizers accept no responsibility for accidents or illness. Insurance is the responsibility of the individual participant. Runners must be insured against accident. The latest doping regulations of Swiss Olympic apply to the City Run Basel. Doping tests may be carried out. By participating, all runners submit to the anti-doping regulations of Swiss Olympic and recognise the exclusive authority of Swiss Olympic’s Disciplinary Committee for Doping Cases and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne, to the exclusion of ordinary courts of law.


In-line skates, exercising strollers, scooters and other aids are not permitted for both fairness and safety reasons.