• 2017-B
  • 2017-Cv2
  • 2017-E
  • 2017-F
  • 2017-G


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The race will be timed by Datasport AG using Real Time.

Real Time

Thanks to this state-of-the-art transponder technology, the actual race times of competitors can be measured. Once a runner passes a specially marked point, the transponder sends the programmed code to a computer, which then starts recording that runner’s time.

Start and end of timekeeping

Timing starts the moment the runner crosses the start line. This must be within two minutes of the starting gun. Participants must start the race in the sector assigned for their particular category. Sectional timing is recorded for each lap. The clock stops when the runner crosses the finishing line.

Transponder to initiate timekeeping

The transponder is firmly attached to the starting number by Datasport AG. It may not be removed prior to the run. Any manipulation is strictly prohibited. It is not possible for runners to use their own transponders. The so-called master chip will not work.